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July 2023


Take the topic of "brand" with you on holiday!


Why, of all things, take the topic of "brand" with you? Because we are entering a time in which the brand will be more crucial to corporate success than ever before.

While the brand has been the companion of products from the manufacturer to the customer and the guarantor of quality up to now, in the future it will have a new, additional and overriding task: In the future, the brand will first and foremost be the face of a company, reflecting its culture, its spirit and soul, and its performance. In future, it will stand for the human and personal and for the connection between people. In this way, it will preserve and promote what makes a company what it is. And in future it will stand for the new legality that results from ESG values. It will thus be the all-important value of a company. Yes, the more IT in all its forms will dominate daily life, the more comprehensively and deeply people-to-people relationships will need to be nurtured. Admittedly, what we are addressing has a philosophical character. In the busy daily routine, it is usually just about the practical.

It is about the role of the brand in marketing, about its use in electronic media and about a contemporary appearance. This has recently prompted German car manufacturers to have their brands rejuvenated by designers.

All well and good, but that will not be enough in the future. In an automated world where people depend on communicating with computers, the brand must form an alternative by thematising the living connection between people. The brand must represent the emotional side of life, including business life. The more technology plays a role, the more it is important to communicate from person to person. The brand with its DNA and its USP makes it possible. The brand is the path that successfully combines both.

Thinking about the brand also means being aware that a brand, like people, has a life. It ages, loses friends but also gains new ones, and ultimately, in order to be successful in the long run, it appeals to younger generations, to meet their needs and wants and to appeal to their senses and language.

Does the brand need a family and if so, how do you create such a brand family? How do you introduce it and to whom? Does the company need young brands to give visions and innovations a face, to introduce itself as a company to new worlds? Does it make sense to enter into brand partnerships? Which brands would be suitable for partnership? Yes or no to the capsule principle?

Thinking about the brand and looking and listening to how brands, not only our own, live around us and in us, deepens the relationship to the brand, creates free space for new ideas and strengthens the forces to be successful with the "brand" as the face of the company after relaxing days.

Take the time to philosophise a little about "brand" during your holidays!

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