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March 2024



Will we actually still have to think in the future or will we only have to and be able to let people think? If we believe what we hear, see and read every day and what we are given as well-intentioned advice along the way, then we could actually do without thinking: artificial intelligence (AI for short) is the magic word of our time. And we also keep hearing: no, no, fear of AI, doubts about the omnipotence of this new monster, the danger of it, the excitement of it, none of this need concern us. Only the fearful and ignorant see AI as something that could throw humanity off course. We use the commonly used term "artificial intelligence" here, although strictly speaking we are talking about "technical intelligence" - technical intelligence that refers to the ability of machines and robots to develop human-like cognitive abilities and thereby solve problems, process information and make decisions.

This is how we see it: for us, THINK is the bridge to AI.

THINK - For us, thinking is above all else. For us, thinking about, thinking with and thinking ahead is and remains the driving force behind all creativity and innovation. AI is an interesting and helpful tool that makes us faster and more efficient.
AI helps us, even challenges us, to rediscover thinking and, in a way, even to initiate and optimize a competition between natural intelligence (NI) and AI through the power of the human brain. If, triggered by the transformation process that is changing our world, we come to give more time to thinking after, with and ahead, and bring NI and AI together, then we will experience a symbiosis that gives us the feeling, indeed the certainty, that AI is not a competitor for thinking, but a valuable tool for our daily work.  THINK stands for shaping the future, for setting and achieving goals. THINK is a protective barrier against dangers of all kinds. THINK designs the program for life, for the responsibility that everyone bears in their area of responsibility. THINK purifies the imagination, clarifies ideas, makes the impossible possible, creates formats and order. With THINK as a program for life, we are open to everything new, including dangers and risks that may come our way. THINK makes us immune to the "fear" pandemic, including the fears that many often stir up in order to capitalize on them. We are happy to contribute our experience and analytics, coupled with a young wealth of ideas.. If you would like to discuss the topic of THINK with us, please feel free to contact us at any time! Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!



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