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April 2023


Mediocracy - The rule of the attainable, a treacherous enemy 


We have arrived - in the world of mediocrity. For decades we have afforded ourselves the luxury of optimizing everything and anything according to aspects that were secondary, avoided the difficult, or in any case did not contribute to achieving the actual, desired goal. For far too long, it has been too easy for all of us to be successful in secondary matters, putting aside the really important aspects instead of prioritizing them and overcoming the difficulties. With the acceptance of decisions that may have been politically balanced, but were in fact flawed and did not serve to consistently optimize goals and quality, a shift crept unnoticed into our performance and value system: it was no longer the real goal and its necessity that became the goal, but the compromise on what was feasible, and the resulting mediocrity in goal achievement became the acceptable and accepted yardstick for almost everything.

The successes that still occurred were just big enough to be able to look generously past the real weaknesses and deficiencies. Until recently, when the weaknesses in the various performance profiles inevitably began to show through on a broad scale, and the suspicion became a certainty that we would be able to live on the inadequate substance of what we had achieved for some time without a significant increase in performance, but only for a limited time and with comfort decreasing everywhere.

Today we are experiencing what mediocrity can lead to in the long run in a society like ours, namely to catastrophes. We are feeling most clearly what mediocrity in politics has brought us, what mediocrity in economic management can lead to, how we have blocked ourselves instead of thinking about what we should have done long ago - and now have to catch up on in a hurry; however, we have lost the zeal, consistency and drive that are needed for this. On top of that, we have obscured our view of the real challenges and are now facing the current problems of the advancing technological revolution without understanding. Nowhere is the perplexity more evident than in the public discussion about artificial intelligence, with its threat that human brain power will soon be replaced by artificial intelligence.

How can we as a society put an end to the pandemic of mediocrity? By first and foremost becoming aware again that we, each of us, without exception, are endowed with abilities eo ipso to perform more than just average. In this way, we can return to our old virtues, to making clear decisions, to taking responsibility instead of avoiding it, to a new team spirit in which commitment is rewarded and unavoidable mistakes are not fearfully avoided but accepted in a controlled way. With this attitude, we can once again enable ourselves and those around us to develop visions, to think creatively, to be curious about new things, and to use the full wealth of knowledge we possess today. We can promote the awareness to immediately recognize and fight half-measures and mediocrity. Mediocrity is not a fate that imprisons us, there is no reasonable reason not to banish it from our work. We need to move away from mediocracy, and we can.

The first step is to raise awareness and fight the resignation that has long since set in. We can, and not just because we've been talked into it. Because we want to regain control of our lives and our quality of life. Overcoming mediocracy is the key to being successful - and recognized - again in the future.

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