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February 2023


Brand Management in disruptive Times


Lifelong learning - what initially sounds like the voice of education policy in Europe since the millennials -can be transferred one-to-one to brands. Especially in disruptive times like these. But how do brands manage the balancing act of staying "on the cutting edge" without getting lost in hopeless campaigns or running the risk of becoming obsolete?

Brands, it should be noted in advance, offer orientation and security. Even and especially for customers in the knowledge society, they are not losing their importance. Today, however, we are seeing that customers are examining their relationship with companies and brands more critically than was the case in the past. They are more open to new things and change relationships more quickly or even dissolve them. In order to be successful in the future, it is therefore increasingly a matter of focusing on "fine tuning" in relationships with customers and living loyalty.

Three implications for brand management:

1. Cultivating and promoting a clear and strong brand identity (DNA).

As a rule, strong brands have their roots in companies with special charisma, which are characterized by adherence to principles, uncompromisingness and goal orientation. They give their brands an evolved culture with a character and all its special features, strengths and competencies. That is the only thing that cannot be copied. Everything else is interchangeable, replaceable or at least not protectable for a long time.

2. Into the future with "open" sights

The knowledge society is in the process of reorganizing needs and wants. On closer inspection, it can also be said that it is consuming, consciously or unconsciously, more rationally and more knowledgeably. This is a great opportunity for the brand. At the same time, it may, no, it must even, remain curious, think young and always remain innovative, without having to follow every trend, such as the so-called memes, short-sighted views, every social media channel. It is crucial that the brand is one with the product and stands for the original of the product.

3. Focus on the UPS

It has been shown time and again that brands that commit to their USP without any ifs or buts remain successful in the long term. The USP can be of a very diverse nature and it is crucial for all companies regardless of size, positioning and marketing space: The Austrian shoemaker Giesswein, for example, has defined itself with its cotton sneaker through uniqueness in the product, Amazon through saving time, Fritz-Kola through attitude, BMW through the experience of the joy of driving, to name just a few examples. And when the traditional brand from Untertürkheim launched a communications offensive in 2010 that followed Gottlieb Daimler's principle of "The best or nothing," the star was led out of a crisis and back onto the road to success. 

At this point, perhaps a word about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is certainly a topic that is currently at least as topical as it is urgent. Here we advise special plausibility checks in order to maintain a clear distance from green washing.

Brands are the most valuable asset companies have - today and in the future. We, the SchmidPreissler-Brief team, Dipl.-Soz. Maximiliana Schürrle, Dipl.-Volksw. Christina Schmid-Preissler, Alexander Schürrle and Franz M. Schmid-Preissler, will devote more time to this topic in the next publications. For today we send best regards,


Your F. M. Schmid-Preissler




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