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August 29, 2022


The Knowledge Society (KS)

"Nothing is as constant as change" - what Heraklit said around 600 years BC has not lost its validity to this day. Especially when we look at the development of societies. Having spent the past six decades more or less in a Consumer Society, today and in the future in the industrialized countries and in an increasing number of emerging economies we are dealing with a Knowledge Society instead of a Consumer Society.

This changes the rules of the game in consumer goods marketing in a fundamental way: People no longer need to be seduced and enticed into consuming, nor do they need the dictates of lifestyle images and the salesmanship of influencers and bloggers to "organize" wants and needs in a world other than one focused on consuming.

Knowledge sets people free. It ensures that we humans have prerequisites that allow us to make critical and unrestricted use of the range of information on offer in order to be able to form our own judgment in the sense of a reasonable argument.

The Knowledge Society is developing a completely new value system in which consumption has its place, but no longer a dominant one. Excessive consumption, use and disposal was yesterday. Knowledge makes us secure in our actions, and with it comes a sensitive sense of value for money. This is especially true of industrially democratized luxury and the ever-emerging notions that there is a "middle of the market". Credibility in discounting, which nowadays dominates retail marketing and especially online and mail order, is increasingly reduced to absurdity. And last, but not least: Online and social media will lose importance and whether the metaverse will replace the real space remains to be seen. Probably not.

We are convinced that there are excellent opportunities to do "good business" with the Knowledge Society if we play by the rules. And that means, first and foremost, offering products with convincing arguments and brands with an attractive DNA and USP. Value for money is also a matter of course. Incidentally, it is a great misunderstanding that all change comes from technological progress. The ingenious Steven Jobs expressed it in a trend-setting way for his company, according to which the needs and requirements of the customers have to be the focus. The Knowledge Society makes this insight a sine qua non.

The Knowledge Society is an open society. Its actions are shaped by facts, demand authenticity and are oriented toward truth. This makes them largely reliable as a target community and market participant, but also demanding and consistent. As a consequence, marketing will then also become more predictable and not infrequently more economical in the future, whereby the sense for the demanding creative can, indeed must, be increased in every way.

Your F. M. Schmid-Preissler




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